Photobiomodulation workshop with James Carroll

Photobiomodulation therapy is on the move. There has been a recent flurry of stories in the mainstream media and a steady publication of research articles and clinical studies demonstrating the utility of low level light therapy / cold laser in the management and treatment of a wide range of situations including tissue repair, inflammation, oedema, analgesia (wounds, tendinopathies, joint pain, back and neck pain, neuropathic pain, dental pain), overall wellness and exercise/sport performance (strength, endurance and recovery).

Last weekend I participated in a workshop with James Carroll, Founder and CEO of THOR Photomedicine. This workshop refreshed and deepened my understanding of the mechanisms of photobiomodulation, the research and evidence base as well as how to optimise treatment outcomes in clinical practice.

If you are considering a osteopathic treatment that makes use of the therapeutic potentials of photobiomodulation, take some time to watch and absorb some of these clips:


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