Nasal and sinus irrigation

After cleaning out my shed recently, I was reminded of the effectiveness of nasal and sinus irrigation (jala neti). I performed neti after a massive dose of dust and mould  then again the morning after and felt enormous relief. Neti is easier and arguably as important for some people as brushing their teeth!

Nasal and sinus irrigation is used to treat and manage:

  • allergies – dust mites, pollen
  • post-nasal drip due to chronic sinusitis or as a result of upper respiratory tract infection
  • industrial and recreational dust and particulate exposure – including passive smoking, mountain biking or simply mowing the lawn
  • sinusitis/rhinitis/nasal polyps
  • air-borne infections
  • sleep apnea, snoring and CPAP-related side-effects
  • jaw and masticatory muscle pain – a common sign of mouth breathing
  • recurrent upper respiratory tract infection.

These pots are designed and manufactured in Germany by a public health researcher.

Flow rate  has been optimised for a more effective irrigation.

After this intense winter of flu and colds open your airways in anticipation of big spring pollen counts.

Pots are available from Osteopathy Cobargo – the cost $25. Alternatively you can order one from MESHWORK.



Here are some relevant clinical and supporting documents:

Detailed usage guide

A crossover study demonstrating the effectiveness of neti

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