myofascial tools

Myofascial tools are proliferating, marketed with testimonials promising emancipation from the hands of manual therapists. Many manual therapists will struggle to match the precision and cost-effectiveness of a high density foam ball. I sense no threat to the rich scope of osteopathic practice and for years have incorporated them in practice for years.

Effective use and therapeutic application of any tool requires basic topographic and functional anatomy, diagnostic clarity, a therapeutic time frame and overall rehabilitation plan. Without this conceptual framework myofascial tools provide only localised and symptomatic relief. Inadvertent neurological and musculoskeletal injuries are common in novices and overzealous fascia-bashers.

We suggest gradual and progressive use of myofascial tools – they can be integral to the  process of musculoskeletal self care  – promoting tissue hydration, collagenous regeneration-remodelling, pain de-sensitisation and ultimately better integrated movement and force transmission. Myofascial tools can be used to explore the myofascial system, produce therapeutic change and enhance both sensitivity and awareness through the precise application of complex forces.

myofascial tools

studious self treatment of distal iliotibial tract and related myofascial structures.

Through MESHWORK we offer Motion & Movement – which can be undertaken after completion of Fundamentals.  Motion & Movement includes the safe use of  myofascial tools that enhance the elasticity of the bodies fascial system.

Myofascial balls are available for purchase from OC.

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