minimal musculoskeletal self care?

minimal musculoskeletal self care

I was recently asked by a patient what might the project of minimal musculoskeletal self care look like?

This question was rather timely as we had been giving it a lot of thought in relation to our MESHWORK project.

The answer to this question is distinct from issues of hypertrophy, performance based training or specific rehabilitation. It is a question posed from the perspective of relative health and a desire to maintain function, relaxed embodiment and a resilience to the activities and gravitational-occupational exposures of daily life.

what does minimal musculoskeletal self care look like

My experience is that minimal musculoskeletal self care can become rather maximal and time consuming when we incorporate the following elements & features:

  • variety and complexity
  • promote an awareness of continuity
  • global and natural 3D movement
  • dynamic and static stabilisation strategies
  • relaxed
  • body weight and extrinsic resistance
    restorative and strategic unloading
  • maintain an awareness of the breath

Implementation of minimal musculoskeletal self care

Minimal musculoskeletal self care cannot be achieved by stuffing all these elements into a single daily routine. Each session needs an emphasis and should be different and likely cycled and periodised. This project should be an inquiry that involves experimentation, refinement and innovation with practices and approaches. It is not static. Be discriminative about the inclusion or exclusion of certain practices. Do things that are efficient – these are often superficially simple but surprisingly complex practices.

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