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Laser and LED therapy

Osteopaths can be luddites, inherently skeptical of electrotherapuetic devices.  I have dabbled with some, but my most enduring fascination has been with laser and LED therapy. The therapeutic use of red and near infra-red is referred to as Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMt). Over the last 40+ years, basic research and clinical studies have conclusively established the […]

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Muscle, myokines & mind

Muscle is much more than an organ of action and sensation. Research spanning the last 20 years has revealed that skeletal muscle is an endocrine organ which produces and releases myokines. Myokines work like hormones, by exerting specific endocrine effects on other organs. Myokines also influence muscle metabolism. Physical activity induces the secretion of myokines […]

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    The idea of an autonomous self that is governed solely by the brain is a relatively novel, western cultural and philosophical development. The most recent incarnation of this distinctly western idea is the construction of the ‘neurobiological self’, an intensely technological enterprise. Philosopher Evan Thompson, refers to this materialist and reductive enterprise as […]

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Integrated Embodiment

The principle of Integrated Embodiment begins with a biologically grounded understanding that the body is integrated – or more specifically – that the organism is integrated within and between physiological systems – like the nervous system or the musculosketal system, and across all material scales – from the molecular to the whole organism. Integrated Embodiment […]

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Meshworks are systems

In recent times there has been a flurry of publications, within academia and clinical research, pointing to the relevance of systems thinking in physical therapy and our understanding of factors that contribute to injury and health.     Emergence is a key feature of the systems approach. Emergence is not readily predicted – since the […]

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Sometime after we decided on the name MESHWORK, we encountered the visionary work of Francisco Varela. Along with Humberto Maturana, Varela is perhaps best known for developing the concept of autopoiesis and for also developing the enactive approach. Varela expressed the view that the ‘organism is a meshwork of selfless selves and we are and […]

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