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The illusion of repetition

Motor skills are acquired and refined through repetition. The mantra ‘practice makes perfect’ is one that practitioners in all disciplines will testify to. There appears to be some fashionable misgivings and purported alternatives to the necessity of repetition. I am sympathetic to this voice but disagree that repetition is a senseless process, devoid of a […]

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Sea legs – a case of excessive stabilisation in back pain

In osteopathic practice we come across patients whose novel presentation shifts our diagnostic perspective. Recently a long term patient returned from sea. He presented with diffuse low back pain. He was profoundly rigid – gripping his diaphragm and abdomen, over engaging his back muscles and clenching his buttocks. This pattern is referred to maladaptive rigid […]

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Exploring Vleeming’s idea in class

In a yoga class last night we explored and applied anatomical, biomechanical and clinical insights gained from the Andry Vleeming workshop. Through specific asana students gained some appreciation of the anatomy of the sacroiliac joint, form and force mechanisms of its locking, the distribution, function and preload of fascia and some commonly observed muscular imbalances […]

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Andry Vleeming Workshop

Andry Vleeming Workshop Lumbo-pelvic stability, diagnosis and treatment   I recently participated in a 2 day workshop with Dr. Andry Vleeming who is a highly regarded researchers and thinker contributing to basic and applied research into low back, pelvic and sacroliliac joint function. He is one of the editors and contributing author of Movement, Stability […]

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